Mission Statement

We are DogLibre - a meme-powered project that aims to liberate and support dogs worldwide by creating safe and enjoyable spaces for both stray and pet dogs.

By harnessing blockchain technology, we can create a transparent and decentralized platform to engage and empower dog lovers from around the world in improving the lives of strays and pet dogs everywhere.

Memes beat other market segments and are a great tool for phenomenal growth. DogLibre aims to combine the power of memes and apply it to a real-life issue that is close to people’s hearts - dogs!

There is no real reason that a project can’t be entertaining, high-growth, and utility-focused. Being meme-focused does not mean that a coin cannot have utility value - we are using memes as a tool for strategic growth to further our aims of globalized dog care.

Even Vitalik Buterin, a renowned figure in the crypto space, has recently come on board with meme coins, saying they need to be looked at and may have a positive purpose.

We agree, and are using the concept to its maximum effect, with specialist teams and dedicated professionals. We’re one of the first to do so. Vision

We are here to build an empowering community to support our furry friends in getting the love and care they deserve. In our world, high rates of abandonment and abuse that many dogs face are numbers we can bring down collectively. To achieve this, we envision creating a technologically advanced sharing economy on the blockchain for dog lovers, rescue groups and the petcare industry.

We believe in creating a strong, sustainable foundation for the future of petcare. This is why we aim to launch DogLibre in phases, starting with the digital front. DogLibre started out with small scale rescues in a local network but is aiming for mass expansion through digital means.

This adds a touch of personalization that will continue throughout the project. DogLibre community members will also have the opportunity to mint an NFT of their beloved pets to accompany them on their Metaverse gaming adventures. Dynamic, gamified NFTs will represent real-life stray dogs that earn rewards within the wider ecosystem.

Once our project gains traction, we can channel the strength and funding of our community into meeting other dog care needs. DogLibre will become the number #1 planetary resource for dogs. This includes a complete gaming ecosystem with personalized NFT avatars, the integration of AI analytics, walk-to-earn rewards, research repositories, localized dog care with pricing and geolocation, merchandise, accessories, dog care centers, live rescue operations, and more.

We will be getting extremely creative with our utility - think dog cafes, dog salons, dog grooming services, and more. Initially using memes to fuel gigantic growth, the end goal is to become a full-fledged DAO where all users can vote on where funds need to be allocated.

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